Monday, December 13, 2004

Dancing to be Free

I dance.

I dance with freedom in mind.

When we look around at the state of the world we live in, it still amazes me that more people are not outraged. It has become a monumental financial task just to support two people in this culture, let alone children. And what of pursuing dreams? Have we time for that? Hardly.

And because of that , I dance.

Being an exotic dancer is something I do with joy in my heart. It is a passion that I am blessed to pursue. To some men, I provide a neccessary service, that is immensely appreciated.


To the a large portion of society, my job is still something shamefull, to be whispered about and hidden from those too respectable to know of my true profession.

So, this is my way to reach out to you.

I am a dancer. A stripper.

I not only take my clothes off for strange men, but I then proceed to come into close proximity of them to please them both physically and psychologically. And I like it. I love it.

So why am I villified still? Why do we still think that sex is dirty or bad? And why do the women bear the brunt of this unsavory attitude about strippers? Are there not, in actuallity, more men at the club then women.

I have other dreams and passions, oh believe me, I do. But I have little opportunity to fulfill them without this career. In every aspect of my dream, there is an innate desire for freedom. My passion for horses and riding has led me down a long Freudian path. Somewhere along that path, I realized that I ride horses so I can feel free.

Freedom of movement. Freedom of four legs, much more powerful than mine, carrying me at great speed, in what ever direction I desire. All of this with a little movement of my leg.

This was the Dream that I pursued untill I no longer could bear the financial strain. And so I dance. Little did I know, in the beginning of my dancing career, that the freedom I sought on the back of a horse could be found while spinning around a pole with six inch heels.

Though, that freedom comes with a price as well. I don't have to list the ways that dancers, and lets just say women, for that matter, are the lesser sex of the world. We have spread our legs, and bared our hearts only to come to this point in time. Today.

I feel that this country, and for that matter, this world is being willingly led off of a cliff. I am hardly one to propose a solution to this enourous matter, but a good start is to deal with the relationships between men and women and figure out why this Mandonna/Whore syndrome is continuing steadily.

Could it be, that strip clubs are actually places of worship? Something akin to watching a Goddess dancing in a temple. I predict that we will start to see a rise of something none of us have ever witnessed, and few have dreamed. These villified women will become Goddesses to be worshipped by not only men, but men and women together.

more to come,,,,,,,